Holiday Happiness

As we near the end of 2018, many of us will start thinking about plans and goals for the coming year. Is getting more exercise, eating a little better or working to improve your health in another way a part of that? Great! Though there is never a bad time to take on positive health habits, starting at a New Year can give you a reference point for the future and keep you on track as you mark your progress through the months.

We hope that you will follow our food and nutrition blog posts in 2019 and will learn some things that will make daily healthy living more achievable for you and your family. In the meantime, as you’re brushing up on your nutrition knowledge or strategizing about ways to make your kids’ take-a-long lunches healthier and less boring, here are some thoughts to keep in mind this holiday season:

  • If there’s one time of year when tasty and tempting treats abound, this is it. Accept that, do your best to get daily needed nutrients (including water for hydration), and enjoy.

  • Don’t let guilt or stress over food choices dominate your celebrations or conversations. Most holidays have deeply rooted food traditions; these are important to take part in, savor and teach to your kids.

  • Give yourself a holiday gift this month – a pass when healthy eating doesn’t go as you have planned!

  • As always, “add more” to the diet is easier to follow that “cut back on.” So go full speed on things like the beautiful citrus fruits of the season, more water throughout the day for fullness and hydration, a delicious spice tea as an afternoon pick-me-up. If you do want one item to focus on limiting this holiday season, make it alcohol.

And finally, did you know that gratitude itself is an important component in healthy living, just as much as exercise, sleep and eating the right foods? That’s right; medical studies show that people who “recognize and give thanks consistently for the positive things in life have better mental and physical health, including in biomarkers for inflammation that impact heart health.” In the busy closing days of December, try taking just 5 minutes every day to pause and reflect on the positive accomplishments you have seen this year.

Happy Holidays from Good Food Nutrition Group! We’ll see you here in January.

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