Happy National Nutrition Month!

It's March and for registered dietitian nutritionists, that means one thing: National Nutrition Month! With spring at hand, what better time to focus on nutrition education and overall better eating.

The theme for National Nutrition Month 2020 is Eat Right, Bite by Bite. How does this translate to nutrition tips for your everyday life?

Realize that healthful eating is about the little things, the small choices you make throughout the day. When you're hungry in the morning, do you grab a donut or a hard-boiled egg? A pastry or a bowl of Greek yogurt? If you're craving an afternoon snack, do you eat a bag of potato chips or air popped popcorn? If you're looking forward to a big dinner out, to you anticipate that you will order dessert and make accommodations for those calories throughout the day? Are you drinking water throughout the day?

At GFNG, we work with a lot of people who tell us they want to change their diet and eat more healthfully. We find that very few need a complete overhaul - for most people, so much improvement can be made by taking simple steps that in the end, make such big difference. Something to keep in mind during National Nutrition Month, and beyond!

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