Healthy Dessert?

We get a lot of questions about dessert. "What am I allowed to eat?" or "Is this dessert healthy?" or "Which dessert should I choose?" They are complicated questions with, oftentimes, equally complicated emotions tied to those questions.

Let me start by saying that we do not believe in food restriction of any kind. Food restriction leads to other problems, like binging, obsession, and dysphoria; in other words, it just doesn't work. Instead of restriction, try mindfulness...and through mindfulness, ENJOY that dessert.

That aside, I"m sure it's no surprise that we get a lot of people asking for healthier versions of dessert. Because, who doesn't love dessert?

I recently came across a flourless chickpea-based muffin that I thought I would share. It has fewer calories, fewer sugars, more than twice the fiber, and twice the protein than your traditional muffin. Plus, it's something different to try, especially if you're gluten-free. And it's good!

Not your bag? There's also a lentil-based muffin that's just as good. Don't love muffins? How about these chocolate chip cookies? Or this couldn't-be-easier ice cream. The point is, it's easy to incorporate a few changes to your dessert if that's a goal of yours.

Some quick and easy things to try the next time you're baking:

1- Try cutting the amount of sweetener down. I find it rarely affects the flavor of whatever it is I'm baking.

2- Add chia seeds! These omega-3 packed seeds are a welcome addition to almost any baked, they act as an additional binder.

3- Switch up your flours! Try to sub some flour for oat, quinoa, or almond flour. It's an easy substitution that adds nutrients to your dessert.

4- Add nuts. I'm always looking for ways to add more healthy fats to my diet, and this is an easy one. Throw in a handful of walnuts or sliced almonds to your next baked masterpiece.

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