Raise Your Hand If You Like Good Bread

I see almost everyone's hand is raised, including mine. Excellent. For those who are intimidated by breadmaking, yeast, and the whole proofing process, this recipe is for you. I stumbled upon it at the beginning of the COVID lockdown, and I haven't stopped making it. Seriously guys, I make it ALL. THE. TIME. The reason I love this bread is because not only is it totally and completely delicious, but it's also ridiculously easy. I am no breadmaker, but this recipe makes me feel like one.

"But bread is bad for me!" If you're one of our clients, you know that there is no such thing as "bad" foods. All foods are "on the table," so to speak, even *gasp* bread. Unless there's a medical reason to steer clear of bread (ie. celiac), there's no reason you can't enjoy a slice here and there. In fact, carbohydrates are necessary to our overall health and wellbeing. They are an energy source for everyday activities; they allow us to store energy in our muscles and liver for later use; they act as raw material for other needed compounds (like amino acids!); they (in the fiber form) help with GI health; glucose from carbs is the preferred energy source for our brains and central nervous system...and the list goes on.

Now, I'm not encouraging you to eat the entire loaf of bread in one sitting. And I certainly encourage complex carbohydrates and fiber-rich foods over simple carbohydrates generally. But a slice every now and again brings, along with the list above, satisfaction and enjoyment. And that, to me, is a big reason to eat. You can also mix it up by adding different spices to your bread (before you bake it) - everything spice, jalepenos, rosemary, etc. So many possible combinations!

How should you eat that freshly baked bread? Well, you can increase that enjoyment by adding killer toppings. Combined with a nice salad, here are some ideas for an awesome light lunch:

- smashed avocado + salt + pepper

- nut butter + banana + cinnamon

- hummus + cucumber + salt + pepper

- egg + spinach + tomato + pesto

- sauteed mushrooms + any spices you like + salt + pepper

Be well!

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