Healthy Holiday Substitutions

What's on your holiday dinner table? Ham, brisket, maybe even Tofurkey? What about sides? Brussels sprouts, potatoes, root veggies? And then there are the desserts...oh sooo many desserts. The holiday season is a LOT, from almost every perspective. And there is just so much eating. Undoubtedly, COVID-19 may curb some of the nonstop eating, since holiday parties won't likely resume until late 2021. But, there will probably still be family gatherings with abundantly filled tables. Grandma's mashed potatoes, Dad's apple pie....we love the food, but maybe not the extra calories, right?

We've got the solution to that! There are a handful of simple substitutions and changes that will "healthify" your recipes while still tasting great.

Try substituting...

- 1/2 white flour + 1/2 whole wheat flour instead of all white flour

- 1/2 white flour + 1/4 almond flour + 1/4 oats instead of all white flour

- apple sauce for oil or butter

- rolled oats for bread crumbs

- whole wheat pasta and bread for white pasta and bread

- plain Greek yogurt for sour cream

- evaporated skim milk for heavy cream

- ground chicken or turkey breast for ground beef

And try 3 these simple changes to baked goods...

1. Add chia or flax

2. Cut the sugar in half

3. Add nuts and seeds

Be well.

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