It's That Time...Soup Season!

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Admittedly, the changing of the seasons to the fall isn't my favorite. There's a lot I miss about summer. The long days, the ease of shorts and a t-shirt, eating outside, loose schedules and vacation. But...there IS one thing I look forward to, and that's cooking. I love soups and stews and homemade breads. There's something about a steaming bowl of hot soup that warms the soul...and those chilled bones of yours.

If you've been meaning to try more vegetarian recipes, soups are perfect for you. They're hearty, filling and you won't miss meat a bit. For example, this vegetarian lentil tortilla soup from Peas and Crayons is one of my faves. To lighten it a bit, I skip the optional heavy cream. And to lower the sodium, I use fresh tomatoes (or no-salt canned tomatoes), beans with no added salt and low-sodium broth (homemade if I have time!). For toppings, I opt for a bit of cheese and plenty of avocado, but you can make it any which way that works for you! And it's ridiculously easy in the Instant Pot. Don't have an IP? No problem, it also includes instructions for the stove and slow cooker.

Or, how about this delicious Italian vegetable soup from Yummy Mummy Kitchen? Also vegetarian, but you could easily throw in some leftover rotisserie chicken in there if that's your bag. This soup takes advantage of the grain, farro, an ancient grain with a nutty flavor that holds up particularly well in things like soup. If you want to know all about farro, read what NPR had to say about it. And same as above: if you're using cans, make sure you're choosing ones that don't add salt to them, or you can make your own...broth, chopped tomatoes, etc. You can also up the spices to replace some of the added salt in this recipe. Again, this can be made in the Instant Pot, on the stove or in the crock pot.

If you're craving Thai, I've got just the thing. This vegetable green curry from Cookie + Kate is sooo good. The nice thing about this is that it's forgiving and versatile. I didn't have asparagus, and my daughters don't love cooked carrots. So, I used brussels sprouts, cauliflower and snap peas. Yum. I would use light coconut milk if you can, as it's a ton less saturated fat. And I didn't need the pinch of salt, but that will depend on your own taste buds. You can also add tofu, chicken or shrimp. Like I said, forgiving and versatile. It's so yummy over basmati rice.

Make soup...bundle up...winter's coming.

Be well.

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